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I have sometimes had a blast reading the profiles that people leave on dating sites. I decided to share the best that I find with you.

Here is a great example. (note that all the snippets on this site have been edited slightly, but are accurate in their basic storyline)

Female. 41 years old.

Speaking of food, I just love food, and it is an important part of my life, especially chocolate. I do think, however, that food belongs in the dining room, not in the bedroom. For example; have you ever noticed that it is very hard to get whipped cream off of cotton sheets?

I would love to hear from you if you have seen a great profile on a dating site. Just leave me a comment, stating the dating site’s URL and the profile name. It must be from a dating site that allows free reading access, so that I can confirm that the profile is real, and not a figment of your imagination.

by Michael Webb, Founder – VirtuosoLover.com

These 3 mistakes are all from the “land of good intentions”, but still, they create merciless havoc in the lives of untold men.

1. The Paradox of Trying Too Hard
2. The Paradox of Thinking Too Much
3. The Paradox of the Simple Moves


Great sex will always be about FLOW.

One doesn’t need to press for it, trying too hard on any area will cause you to mess it up ­ that’s a guarantee. The tragedy is that most men don’t even see this one coming and end up working against themselves ­ the harder they try, the harder it becomes.

One of the temptations of having too many tricks in the bag is to unleash them in a grand overflow and put on a show. Needless to say, you’ll reek of the ‘trying too hard’ vibe. Instead of dazzling Eve, you’ll turn her off ­ for the vibe masks a specific
fear ­ the fear of inadequacy, that nagging feeling of not being good enough.

You’re afraid she won’t have a great time unless you pleasure the brains out of her, so you feel compelled to unleash every physical technique to compensate for a personal issue.

Like I said, this will backfire.

You don’t need to do everything ­ don’t be an overeager yes-man. The rookie mistake here is trying too hard to please every woman, every time, with the hopes of being the best she’s ever had. You’ll end up pleasing nobody. Instead, learn to lean back and let sexual excellence come to you.


Great sex is always UNCONSCIOUS; it’s not logical or rational.

The bedroom is not the place to think, and the absolute worst time to contemplate your
insecurities, sexual hang-ups and skills. Deal with them BEFORE your next carnal encounter and AFTER your last one… NEVER DURING.

Calibrate… but don’t thresh-out psychological issues in the heat of things. Self consciousness and self-talk pull you out of the moment and into a negative spiral where you become sexually ineffective and out of touch.

Don’t be overly concerned with the mechanics and metrics of intercourse ­ like the exact pressure or angle of your hand, or the direction of your thrusts. When it comes to the real thing — stop thinking — focus on your partner and immerse in the moment.

Don’t plan every move as if sex is a series of perfectly executed maneuvers. When you over-think things, you’ll mess up. The best crane operators don’t analyze every step… they just do it, the moves have become 2nd to nature.

If you think too much, I assure you that the sex will get worse ­ instead of enjoying, you’ll be too busy figuring out the next best move. Just enjoy the process, take it easy and don’t be too hard on yourself.

It goes without saying that one doesn’t have to gun for sexual perfection… there’s no such thing. Afford yourself some mistakes and don’t make a big deal out of it. This is very, very important.


Great sex will always about the SIMPLE MOVES.

It is the aggregate of simple things, done in the right way and at the right time, that makes the world of difference. You have to drive that one in your head. THERE ARE NO BIG TRICKS.

This is not about big moves or magic techniques ­ it’s about the snowballing of easy to do maneuvers. The biggest lesson here is understanding that it’s the small things that truly matter. It’s not about making extensive changes to your game, but simply
tweaking it.

It’s learning to feel not just with your hands, but with your fingertips. It’s being in-tune not just for her screams, but even to her breathing. Not just about writhing bodies but little twitches.

Great sex is simple, (‘simple’ doesn’t mean ‘boring’), it’s not replete with shock-and-awe. The road to sexual greatness is not some hidden mythic trick, for the most elegant and effective moves have never been kept secret, they have always been there.

They just have been overlooked… if not forgotten. Being unpretentious, they easily pass off as insignificant.

So there you have it, The paradox of trying too hard, thinking too much and simple moves. Remember these three concepts when making love next time and you’ll come across much more confident, sexy and natural.

About the author:

Oprah Love Expert Michael Webb is the founder of “The Virtuoso Lover“, teaching men how to become exceptional lovers. Unfortunately most men have no idea how to make ‘out-of-this-world’ love, which leaves women frustrated and disappointed. Learn to be one of the rare men that can satisfy women both physically and emotionally by visiting: The Virtuoso Lover.

Proms are gone and curfews are caput, but that doesn’t make it any less complicated for baby boomers re-entering the dating scene. Dr. Morris Sherman, hepatologist and Chairman of the Canadian Liver Foundation, addresses health concerns for active boomers seeking romantic connections.

Many boomers are single, divorced, separated, or widowed, and it’s important they be safe when engaging with new partners. However, a new survey of Canadian baby boomers found that while 80 per cent of boomers who responded advise their kids to use protection during sex, many may not be following their own advice. Almost one third (30 per cent) of unmarried boomers admit to having had unprotected sex with a new partner since turning 40. And, one in five (20 per cent) of all Canadian boomers say they don’t use condoms as much now that getting pregnant is less of a concern.

It’s important that Canadian boomers understand the risks of contracting STIs and use protection during sex. One STI that isn’t often on Canadians’ radar is hepatitis B. Hepatitis B can be contracted in Canada and is significantly more infectious than HIV. Hepatitis B is the leading cause of liver cancer worldwide and is contracted through exposure to infected bodily fluids such as blood, semen, vaginal secretions, or saliva. And it’s not just from unprotected sex that hepatitis B can be contracted in Canada; getting tattoos or piercings, or sharing razors, toothbrushes, nail files or other personal items of infected individuals can also put people at risk. Other forms of viral hepatitis Canadians should be aware of include hepatitis A and C. Hepatitis C can be transmitted through blood, but hepatitis A is contracted by consuming contaminated food or drink. Vaccines are available to help protect against hepatitis A and B but there is no vaccine against hepatitis C. To learn more about all forms of hepatitis and how to prevent them, visit the Canadian Liver Foundation at http://www.liver.ca.

Article courtesy of NewsCanada

Men, If You Want Brownie Points…Send Her Flowers!

Ok, ok! So you’ve heard that line before. But you may not understand why after all this time it still works!

Well, in the next few paragraphs prepare to get an insight into the mysterious world of women.

Here are some very basic things you should know:

1) Women (generally speaking) are the softer side of the human race. We have softer bodies, softer demeanor (usually) and instinctively want to nurture and care for our fellow man. And men …. women really do want to take care of you! Men on the other hand, want to conquer and procreate. Testosterone kicks in and men on a regular basis blunder along and just by the look on a women’s face they know they are in trouble. And why?

2) Women See Everything!!! Never underestimate a woman’s instinct. Women generally can be more intuitive than a man simply because we’ve been trained over thousands of years to have that watch-full eye over the children and loved ones. We must see what the children are doing and scope for hidden dangers nearby constantly! That’s why moms know the hand is in the cookie jar and she’s not even looking directly at you! Have you ever noticed a woman looking at you and you feel like she is reading your mind? Well essentially she is. She knows what that twitch of the eyebrows means and the eyes tell a whole story.

Here is a tip for you men. Don’t wait until you are in trouble to do something nice for a woman. Believe me, it goes so much further if you buy her flowers for no reason. Women are also attracted to the pretty things like shiny jewellery. You can hardly go wrong doing either. Unless a woman is seriously not interested in you, it is likely that you will see her melt right before your eyes if you present her with something of beauty. Women are sappy that way.

This is especially true for a long-term relationship because this tells her you are still creating something wonderful, and that you appreciate her.

Here is something you may not have thought of, and that is, when you buy a woman flowers and send them to her place of business, you will be the one well thought of! The other women in the office will make a point of saying things like: “you’re so lucky to have to have a boyfriend who will send you flowers”! “I wish my husband would do that”!

So do it regularly, but not on a predictable schedule! Your status among the other women has just soared and you are viewed as a rare breed of men. Your gal will feel special because the other women are jealous! Heavy sigh! (More sappiness)

Most women just plain love getting flowers and trinkets period! Will it ever go out of style? I think not. This is a long-standing tried and true formula that works and I think will still work in the future.

I am a Canadian male, and I simply love Australian females for their accents. I am wondering what it is about foreigners that this gal likes.

Female, 21 years old.

I want a Foreign boyfriend.

Not my type, but, hey, guys, if you are into horror movies, you may want to add her to your list.

Female, 20 years old

I think I’m a silly person, too!:(
I like watching movies, much prefer horror ones

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Nothing wrong with lovin’ the beach, eh?

Female, 43 years old

If you hate the beach, or the sand, then I am sure Miss Beach/Sand hater is elsewhere on here.

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